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What is BeeTV?

Beetv is an archive of movies, anime and tv shows that are available to watch for free. In fact, videos are not self-hosted but contain links to other sources. When you click to watch any movies, you’ll be given a number of link options mentioning the quality and speed of that video source.

The best part of BeeTv APK is that the movies can be sorted by category type. You can search by the title, language and genre of the movie. The app also allows you to sort on the basis of the year. For your ease, It saves your searches in the history and your watchlist so that you can access them later.

BeeTv APK is free to download and install. It is compatible with any type of android device. It lets you watch premium content for free. The app supports Chromecast which allows you to cast the app screen to Android Tv so that you can enjoy in a big screen just like the CapCut video editor. You can also cast it on other players like tivimate’s.

BeeTV APK Features

Large Library

The app has an extensive library of movies from 2000-2023. With such a large collection, the app is still lightweight and fast. The app has a beautiful UI that shows the title of each movie, category, reviews trailer and description. Before watching the movie you can watch the trailer. The trailer is mostly hosted on Youtube. The app shows the list of seasons available and the complete cast list of the movie.

Beetv Download Options

Offline & Online Content

The BeeTv app crawls the web and saves the available options from the internet in its database. You can watch the movie in HD to SD format. It is even possible to download the movie for offline viewing using the Advance Download Manager or One Downloader. Subtitles are also available for each movie. If you want to watch in your browser you can simply copy the link to the clipboard.

Modern UI

BeeTV has a clean and modern design. Its dark theme is easy on eyes. The main screen displays the list of popular movies and tv shows. At the top, there’s a search bar that allows you to find the movie by title, genre and year. The app shows your watch history. You can even backup your watchlist and history. There’s also an option to specify the subtitle language in settings.

Beetv UI

Requirements to use BeeTV efficiently

The following are the requirements to use BeeTv efficiently:

  • To seamlessly experience the content on BeeTv you’ll need a stable internet connection. The speed you need depends on the type of video quality you want to watch. 1080p definitely requires more internet speed as compared to 720p or 480p. You should aim for at least 10MBPs internet connection.
  • It is possible that the content provider (Source link in BeeTv) is restricted in your country so you may need to mask your IP via VPN to access that content. VPNs usually slow down the internet speed so you should always look for a reliable VPN and choose the nearest server available.
  • To run the app you’ll need a compatible mobile device. BeeTv can be installed on Android OS. So it can work on all android phones and Android tv like smart tv or firestick.
  • You should have at least 100 MB of free space available and your mobile has 1GB Ram to run the app smoothly. It is also important to note that the mobile device type also affects your viewing experiences. If you have a low-resolution screen mobile phone then you’d not be able to enjoy high quality.

How to install BeeTV APK?

First, Download the BeeTv APK, simply use the above Download button. Tap on the file and click on the install button.

However, it may require you to enable “Unknown Source Installation”. Go to settings and enable ‘unknown source’ or ‘third-party installs’. Once the app gets installed, you can use the app.


As you know, it is very difficult to watch movies and tv shows because most of the websites do not really work. They have either very poor video quality or slow media players. To solve this problem, Beetv comes in handy as it provides reliable and working sources for a large collection of movies and tv shows.

It is a one-stop app for movies. You can find the movies by genre and by year. It even shows the latest upcoming movies that are scheduled to be released. Before actually watching, you can see the cast, read the description and watch the trailer to skim the film.

Moreover, the app has a lot of options for user convenience. You can view the movies with subtitles and download them for offline viewing. There are even multiple sources available for each one. It really depends on you whether you want to watch in HD or SD. The Chromecast feature is also embedded in the app to stream the content directly on the big screen.

Those looking for a way to run scripts for the app and Roblox can make use of Hydrogen Executor if you are interested.

Last Updated: May 19, 2024