BeeTV for iOS

BeeTv is great way to watch your favorite movies and tv shows for free. The app has a large library of movies from the year 2000-2023.

It even shows the movies that are scheduled to be released. You get the complete detail from the trailer to full episode. By downloading the BeeTv for iOS, it is possible to watch the content directly on iPhone or iPad.The reason for the such a large popularity of BeeTv for iOS is that the users do not have to pay for any subscription.

You do not even need to create any free account. Just open the app and start consuming the content, all for free!

BeeTV iOS Features

High Quality Streaming

You can say BeeTv is a search engine for movies and tv shows. It crawls the webpages and add the working sources in its database against each movie. BeeTv does not stream the content directly. It depends on internet sources in fact.

Since there are multiple options against each movie you get multiple quality options. Most of the time you get High Quality streaming options like 4K, HD and SD. Moreover, there is a subtitle support and downloading the movie.

User-friendly Interface

The developers of BeeTv has done a lot to improve the UI for users convenience. The home screen of BeeTv is very clean and organized, consisting of movies and tv shows in categorized order. Each one consist of a thumbnail and title to make navigation easier.

Once the user clicks on title or thumbnail, the app displays its complete detail like the description, cast and trailer. Moreover, the dark theme of BeeTv also gives the app sleek and modern look while reducing eye-strain at night.

Large Library of Content

One of the primary feature of BeeTv is that it provides users access to all the latest and greatest content on the internet. You can search movies and tv shows by category such as action, comedy, drama, horror and more. You can also explore the trending and popular movies.

Regular app updates

Inadition to content updates, BeeTv is also updated regularly to fix the bugs and include additional features. The current version is 3.4.6 released on March 19, 2023.

Download and Install BeeTV iOS


To stream content, you should make sure:

  • A stable internet connection of atleast 10MBPs otherwise you may experience buffering.
  • A reliable VPN as It is possible the source of content you want to stream is blocked in your religion.
  • Storage of atleast 100MB and 1GB of Mobile RAM

Installation Process

First of all, download the beetv file from the above download button, when it get installed perform the following steps.

  • You need to enable “Third Party Installs”. To do this, go to settings and search profile & Device Management and enable the BeeTv here.
  • Now simply install the file and you’re ready to enjoy the content.

Last Updated: March 14, 2024